Artist - Andrzej Filipowicz Fine ART | Malarstwo Sztuka Obrazy

Andrzej’s creative activities are full of energy which attests his sociability and the will to develop his own art style and manner. The painter doesn’t limit himself to a subject code which could have bounded him to some situation, heavily isolated at many levels – including the level of art –place of his residence. To Andrzej’s thought, art should be free from political connotation and should be pointed at the hedonistic sphere of life, first of all. Thanks to that it becomes a sort of universal language which can be used to talk to an international audience. In the artist’s works, especially in women portraits, new attempts of painting techniques and the style of presenting them are well noticed.

The main plot of his acrylic, water-colour and oil canvases is the image of a woman. In holistic images and portraits a female silhouette is always completed with various accompanying attributes, rich in their symbolic sense.  All canvases of artist are full of lively intense colours of warm and emotionally rich palette. All these connotations and associations result in the fact that images, especially female portraits, become more portrait-symbols than saved shots of particular people. These images in Andrzej Filipowicz’s compositions reach something “which is beautiful, sublime, deal. They are unreally idealized; they are far from the reality. They don’t copy real state, but wish for the fact that the artist would like to preserve his imaginary world at all hazards. Wish for that “something” which hides under the artist’s understanding of beauty”.

The idea of beauty which has been formed in the period of early childhood spent in Belarus, as he himself assures. That’s because “childhood is a magic time, but we can preserve those things that were important to us at that time. Enjoy the touch of Beauty; open the doors inside yourselves to let this wonderful state of soul in. Let it fly into as a bright butterfly. Let the flavor and the light follow into the soul too and give you will, feeling of happiness and freedom. For a person there’s no life without a dream. Have a dream, don’t scare it up. Be dreamers”


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