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From abstractions to realism (1997-2019), find out everything about pictures, drawings, photographs and other works in the collection. Browse through the collection and make connections between objects that you know, and newly discovered masterpieces.

Selected Artwork

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Venetian history
Venetian history
Venetian history
Magic of Silence
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In painting, you have unlimited power. You have the ability to move mountains. You can bend rivers. We want happy paintings. Happy paintings. If you want sad things, watch the news…

Andrzej’s creative activities are full of energy which attests his sociability and the will to develop his own art style and manner. The painter doesn’t limit himself to a subject code which could have bounded him to some situation, heavily isolated at many levels – including the level of art –place of his residence. To Andrzej’s thought, art should be free from political connotation and should be pointed at the hedonistic sphere of life, first of all. Thanks to that it becomes a sort of universal language which can be used to talk to an international audience. In the artist’s works, especially in women portraits, new attempts of painting techniques and the style of presenting them are well noticed. (więcej…)



Author's books, albums, calendars and postage stamps for exceptional events and personalities reveal a bold vision of modern painting and design, the individuality of the transmission of thoughts and reflect its interaction with the real unreal, decorative zone, built in rhythm and harmony.

Works published

Andrzej Filipowicz | Grodno Moje. Book
Andrzej Filipowicz | Indepedence Sail. Calendars 2019
Andrzej Filipowicz | Painting. Book
Andrzej Filipowicz | Indepedence Sail. Folder and Stamp
Andrzej Filipowicz | Universum Calendars 2020
Andrzej Filipowicz | Indepedence Sail Book
Andrzej Filipowicz | Kresy. Nadniemnie. Grodno Calendars 2015
Andrzej Filipowicz | The Magic of Reality. Book
Andrzej Filipowicz | Sponad Chmur. Book

Picturesque experiments and studies are an integral part of the birth of an idea, and material is always carefully selected and a hidden context is given to ordinary objects. This is the signature of a tireless experimenter.


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