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The author of the Folder issued on the occasion of the Independence Cruise is Andrzej Filipowicz. The stamp features a watercolor by Andrzej Filipowicz. „Dar Młodzieży” with full sail sails against the backdrop of modern skyscrapers.

Around 1000 young people from all over Poland took part in the Independence Cruise around the world. They visited 22 ports located in nineteen countries around the world. They were Polish ambassadors in all places. „Dar Młodzieży” nailed to the ports of Copenhagen, Bordeaux, Dakar, Cape Town, Jakarta, Singapore, Osaka, Los Angeles and London. The message of the Independence Cruise was: „Tell the world how beautiful Poland is.” Participation in the World Youth Day in Panama, chaired by Pope Francis, was of particular importance. The sailing ship set off on this extraordinary journey in May 2018 and returned to the port of Gdynia on March 28.

The sales sheet contains 9 stamps.


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