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In previous works painting Andrzej Filipowicz can distinguish three major series of works. These are portraits, nudes and landscapes. All topics seem to engage the artist to the same extent, although – as it seems, most attention painter devotes scenes, in which the main theme is the female figure. in całopostaciowych and portrait shots, beautiful – young women, accompanied by various kinds, most of ambiguous symbolism – attributes. related connotations and recall them cause that portraits of women, are becoming more and more portraits-symbols than retained in the frame images of a particular person.
A characteristic feature of his paintings of Andrzej Filipowicz is the technique most often created on canvas works. It is characterized by extreme lightness, panache and finesse at the same time. In the area of ​​stylistic – or (as we prefer) manners creative – in the works of the painter from Grodno there is a rich decorative and moodiness at the same time, which (especially in the compositions of figurative – especially in portraits of women) uses a whole range of symbolism and reminiscences referring to the rich tradition of European painting starting – from Civil decorativeness – ending at expressionist experiments in which the fundamental role played by the color and growth of the composition. Manners This also relates to compositions inspired by the urban and rural landscape, which for Filipowicz are just as important,
Andrzej Filipowicz paintings tend to – to use the confession of the artist – „what is beautiful, the sublime, perfect. They are unrealistically idealized, far from reality. Do not imagine the facts, and the pursuit of this state, as if the artist wanted at any price, through his imaginary world, keep it, according to him, what is meant by beauty. ” Beautiful, which says the painter, was formed in him during early childhood spent in Belarus. ”

/ Prof. Dr. Jan Wiktor Sienkiewicz, art historian and art critic /


“Andrzej Filipowicz. Beautiful retrospection”, National Gallery of Art, Sopot, Poland

Andrzej Filipowicz "Flashback beauty":
March 31 - May 7, 2017 Vernissage: March 30, 2017 at. 17:30


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